“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”


Today business owners face more risk than ever.  The status quo of “being careful” or “doing what we have always done” just isn’t enough.  In Home Healthcare your biggest liability insurance risk factor is an employee at fault car accident while on the job.  When your employees use their vehicles to visit or transport patients, if they cause an accident:

  • An Employers Average Cost Per On-The-Job Car Crash is $16,000.00
  • An Employers Average Cost Per On-The-Job Car Crash with an Injury is $76,000.00
  • Know that even Though Every Employee may Submit Insurance Documentation, currently a minimum of 17% of Drivers on the Road are proven to be Uninsured, Leaving your Business Vulnerable to Non-Owned Auto Exposure and Additional Liability.
  • Know that the Injured 3rd Party can Name your Business in the Lawsuit.
  • Punitive Damages are Generally not Covered by any Insurance, are not Capped, can be 10 Times the Amount of Total Compensatory Damages and are Awarded in 7.9% of Cases Tried by a Judge

Punitive damages are awarded when a callous indifference is found in either protecting your employees or the unsuspecting public. In Home Healthcare, utilization of the public roadways is unavoidable. Without safe driving policy, training, accountability and other internal controls and measures in place to promote the reasonable safety of your employees and the public while using those roadways, substantial legal exposure exists for punitive damages where an injury results.


Innovative Safety & Loss Control Services and comprehensive Programs targeted specifically for Home Healthcare reduce car accident claims, reduce over-all number of claims and help to shore up your existing auto liability and non-owned auto exposures and gaps.  Proven Employee Auto Insurance Verification Services exist that free up internal resources from collecting unreliable employee auto insurance documentation and allow Home Healthcare employees to concentrate on core competencies. Remember an uninsured driver is at best careless and indifferent and at worst negligent and criminal.  These are not characteristics you want in your employee, someone who represents your business.  Even if an uninsured driver manages to stay out of a car accident, their risky behavior is more likely to end up in a claim or theft – fraudulent or otherwise – in some other area of your business.  No PR is better than bad PR.


40% of all claims happen within the first year of employment and with turnover as high as 70% in some segments of home healthcare, you can see how this vicious circle can lead to increased claims, higher premiums and increased risk exposure.  Specialized, creative and contemporary services and programs are now available to better qualify candidates (regardless of level of available labor pool), keep employees accountable and reduce turnover by rewarding good employees.

Missing data or documentation can pose insurmountable problems during a legal defense.  Highly specialized services and programs not only help to strengthen staff, reduce loss & liability and reduce over-all number of claims, they simultaneously prepare your defense in a lawsuit by both showing you did everything you could to avoid the claim at hand but by also collecting and then maintaining copious records and documentation for you.

Contego Services Group offers unique and innovative loss protection programs proven to mitigate the frequency and severity of the aforementioned injury accidents.


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