A former funeral home owner, John Amis, pleaded guilty in December to four felony counts. Amis falsified the deaths of people that were still alive in order to collect their prepaid funeral policies. The judge sentenced Amis to a 12 year sentence composed of a three year prison term and nine years of probation. He was also ordered to pay close to $300,000 in restitution to almost 70 victims although his lawyer claims it will be “difficult if not impossible” for Amis to pay the restitution owed.

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that during hard economic times, people who may never have thought about committing fraud, found it to be their only way of making ends meet. This fraudster took the opportunity to cash in funeral insurance policies, even if when the victims were still alive. You only die once, as they say, and this fraudster was bound to come to end of his rope once law enforcement found these victims alive. Committing fraud is not the route to take, not even during desperate times. Reach out to family, friends, community, and spiritual leaders before committing fraud. Learning to ask for help is easier then hiding behind a life of crime, says The Fraud Dog.

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