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In a report out last week, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued an alert to consumers warning that fraudsters are taking advantage of citizens and posing as government officials to obtain personal information. The fraudster is claiming that he or she is calling from the government to verify information for your health insurance. In some cases, the scammer might have the routing number for your bank and use the information to get you to provide information like your bank account number, social security number, or credit card. The Federal Trade Commission has said that the government will NEVER call to obtain information about you. The government already has all the information they need. If someone calls you claiming they are from the government, hang up immediately, this is a scam!

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog says whatever the federal government is pushing in reforms to help Americans, is exactly where the fraudster will go to steal. When Americans were trying to buy their own homes, mortgage fraud prevailed. When Americans became unemployed in this down economy, the fraudster offered “work-from-home-scams”. So now that we have the Affordable Health Care Act, the fraudster is creating a whole new way to steal from you.

The Better Business Bureau has put out an alert to warn Americans about these latest scams. Really these scams have been around for a long time, but simply morphed around the new governmental program. In this case, they warn Americans about people calling, attempting to get your personal information indicating it is needed for health care reform, but really the intention is to use it for identity theft.

America, never give out your personal information to anyone over the phone. Send the fraudster packing when you tell them you are reporting them, says Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog.

To report potentially fraudulent activity, contact Linda Webb aka The Fraud Dog, leading fraud expert at 1-855-FRAUD-DOG.

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