In recent years, the state of Florida has risen to the top of the nation for insurance fraud, due largely in part to a boost in staged automobile accidents. The most significant increase can be seen in Tampa, FL, where, in the last two years, the city has surged to 591% in questionable insurance claims. An insurance Information Institute report concluded that “no-fault fraud” could end up costing vehicle owners and insurers up to $1.5 billion by the end of the year if this fraud issue does not get addressed soon.

While these staged auto accidents and insurance scams continue on a daily basis, Linda Webb, better known as “The Fraud Dog”, offers a way to fight back. “If you find yourself involved in a staged auto accident, like the “Scoop and Squat”, take photographs of your damaged vehicle, other vehicles involved, along with all the people at the scene of the crime,” says Linda Webb.  It is important to know and recall everyone who was at the scene at the time of the accident. In these types of fraud schemes, the fraudster will add people she calls “Jump Ins” to the police report, so it is helpful to know who was present.

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