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April 15th is “Uncle Sam Day”

For the fraudster this means free money from desperate victims.  As victims run feverishly around looking for help to file their taxes, the fraudster’s is there with open arms. These fraudsters prey upon emotions, a sense of urgency, and a convincing willingness to help solve their problems.

Victims let their guard down when they become desperate.

  • Be prepared
  • Do your due diligence
  • Use reputable tax businesses

Remember that checking with others for references is your best bet when you are looking for help to file your tax return at the last minute. Be alert, and don’t let your tax refund get into the hands of the fraudster, says Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog.


WASHINGTON, April 10 – Senator targets tax ID fraud

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has been on a mission for two years to speed up the time it takes the Internal Revenue Service to respond to victims of tax fraud — and with the help of two powerful senators, he might finally get some action. Read more here


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