Banks in Europe, Latin America, and the United States have fallen victim to a new ring of cyber criminals. The ring built a cloud-based fraud system that targeted bank accounts with around $300,000 to $600,000 and tried to transfer as much as $130,000 to fake ...Read the rest

Kamoliddin Akramov, a foreign exchange student in St. Louis, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program. The citizen of Kazakhstan was on a J1 visa in the United States when he started to create fake companies in St. Louis, ...Read the rest

In a recent story out of Seattle, a U.S. District Court, sentenced three family members to prison for a disability fraud scheme that lasted more than 30 years. The Social Security Administration and the State Department of Social and Health Services were defraud by the George ...Read the rest

Ziena “Zeeluv” Smidi, a traveling yoga teacher, must pay federal authorities almost $5.6 million for her role in a Ponzi scheme that collected over $30 million from investors. Smidi and her former fiancé, James Clements, were operating groups of companies entitled, Maximum Return Transactions. The ...Read the rest

On Monday, a local South Florida businessman, Michael V. Lombardi, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud by obtaining fraudulent temporary work visas for workers from the Philippines for jobs in the United States. Lombardi was arrested back in September on charges that allege ...Read the rest

With over 900 million active Facebook users, spanning more than 70 languages, it would be an understatement to say that Facebook is popular. With such a heavy user base, the announcement that Facebook will be going public, has taken the world by storm and made ...Read the rest

In what is being called the largest Medicare fraud bust in U.S. history, charges have been brought against 107 individuals, including doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations swept seven cities across the country and involved approximately $452 million in ...Read the rest

In a press release out yesterday, Jeff Atwater, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, publicized the arrest of federal fugitive, Charles Leon Parker, 69, of Madison, during an insurance fraud investigation.  Parker is an alleged sexual predator wanted since 1983 on three counts of child molestation and ...Read the rest

In an article out earlier this week (—gl__home_improvement_scams/), a Henderson County Sheriff is warning homeowners to beware of home repair scams throughout the county. The county has been investigating everything from alleged termite infestations to mold. Homeowners in the area are reporting that scam artists ...Read the rest