Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog,  was asked to be recognized at the event for her company’s, Contego Services Group, involvement in the task force that helped to make this sting operation possible. ‘Operation Dirty Money’ is a joint task force operation that shut ...Read the rest

Fraudsters Short Sales May Lead You to NO Sale

In a news report out last week, South Florida homeowners and title insurance companies are being warned about fake short sale approval letters from Bank of America. Fraudsters are counterfeiting letters to local homeowners with similar language and the bank’s logo. Bank of America has ...Read the rest

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently sponsored a fraud prevention seminar for South Florida seniors. According to Wasserman Schultz seniors are prime targets for scams, identity theft, and other schemes. She shared some tips with them and told the attendees what kind of situations call ...Read the rest

South Florida residents, Joseph Harvey and Anja Karin Kannell, were recently found guilty of one of the “largest financial loss cases to date arising from claims filed for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.” The couple had been filing false claims in order to benefit ...Read the rest

On Monday, a local South Florida businessman, Michael V. Lombardi, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud by obtaining fraudulent temporary work visas for workers from the Philippines for jobs in the United States. Lombardi was arrested back in September on charges that allege ...Read the rest

In a news report out yesterday, two former NFL first-round draft picks along with six others were arrested Monday on charges of being involved in a tax refund fraud scheme. Tax refund fraud is the hottest financial crime in South Florida right now and has ...Read the rest

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (YN) – Contego Services Group ( ) and Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog ( support their local community with a monetary donation and involvement for Lauren’s Kids charity ( in South Florida. Lauren’s Kids aims at educating adults and children about sexual ...Read the rest