A Computer is all the Fraudster Needs to Commit Fraud

A 24 year old man was arrested for forging UCF letterhead to obtain prescription drugs. Ryan Muscanell is not a UCF student and has a previous criminal record including battery on a law enforcement officer and trespassing. Muscanell’s bond was set at $2,000. “Fraud education in schools is ...Read the rest

In a recent report out of Pennsylvania, a homeless woman, Michelle Lee Luzik, was arrested for impersonating a doctor’s office employee in order to obtain prescription drugs. Luzik allegedly scammed area pharmacies over the last month filling prescriptions for Hydromet, a cough syrup containing hydrocodone. Luzik, ...Read the rest

You rely on the safety and quality of the prescription drugs you purchase; never suspecting that the legitimate wholesaler may be getting scammed too.  How can this be?  A doctor purchases prescription drug at a discount rate due to his status as a health care ...Read the rest