CBS News recently did a 60-minute segment about stem cell fraud. Their report first started two years ago with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Steven Watters and Michael Martin. Doctors Lawrence Stowe and Frank Morales offered a $125,000 stem cell therapy that was ...Read the rest

Last week, we told you that Florida leads the nation in mortgage fraud. Today, we have some good news and some bad news regarding the state’s standing with Medicare fraud. We’ll start with the bad and end on the good, it being the holiday season ...Read the rest

From builders to tree trimmers, we see a lot of fraud in the world of contracting. This week’s story comes from the Fraud Dog’s stomping grounds. Hernando County Sheriff’s detectives arrested three men claiming to be licensed contractors in early November. Paul Kariotis, 58 of ...Read the rest

We’ve covered everything from medical fraud to Internet fraud, and this week, we’re spotlighting a growing trend of unscrupulous roofing companies that are going the extra mile to commit insurance fraud. It all starts with a roofing company offering to handle all paperwork with the ...Read the rest

Fraud knows no age, race or creed. This week’s story comes from the Fraud Dog’s own home town, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. John A. Matters, 50, was a Fort Lauderdale businessman who was arrested last Thursday on $11 million worth of fraud charges, according to the ...Read the rest

Veteran’s Day may be over, but we’re grateful for our military service men and women every day. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous fraudsters target our military men and women via several common scams. Linda Webb was recently featured on, vowing to fight fraud inside America’s borders. ...Read the rest

The American Dream can be a source of unrivaled motivation, but for some, only motivates greed. The latter is true for Houston nightclub investor Julian Vence Kimble.  With a trail of failed business deals, Kimble’s latest scheme involved his now defunct emergency transport company, Pearl ...Read the rest

“Operation Oxy Alley” was launched this past August, arresting 32 people in the multi-million dollar pill mill operation that is linked to more than 50 deaths. The latest to join the ranks of those arrested in the illicit operation are “the infamous George brothers,” along ...Read the rest

Companies hiring illegal employees and/or paying employees under the table has been an ongoing problem for years. But when Gabriel Gonzalez died on the job in 2007 by his body accidentally going through a wood chipper, it would help investigators uncover a series of fraudulent ...Read the rest

Fraudsters keep getting more and more creative. On September 29th, federal prosecutors said that Illinois medical equipment supplier Gary Winner, 49, pled guilty in Rhode Island to charges that he shipped unwanted “erectile pumps” to diabetes patients as part of a Medicare fraud scheme.