Online Holiday Grinch – Tips to Avoid Online Scams

The Fraud Dog helps the holiday shopper avoid being scammed by the online Grinch!  Fraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says, buyers beware this year when shopping online. Remember, better watch out for that ole Grinch, hoping to lure you in and take ...Read the rest

The Holiday Thief

Fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says during the holiday season, we can see all types of holiday fraudsters including con-artists, thieves, and scammers. For every wonderful act of kindness in this holiday season, perhaps there is also as many criminal acts. Most ...Read the rest

Holiday Scams 2012

Scams to watch for while shopping: Gift Card skimming – where they skim your gift card while activating it. When recipient goes to use the gift card, the money is gone. (Credit card skimming devices come in many different forms and are easy to obtain). ...Read the rest