Obamacare Scammers – Insurance Card Fraud Alert

“Wake up America… New fraud opportunities are popping up due to universal health care,” says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. It is an open play ground for the fraudster simply because of the uncertainty in Obamacare. Americans do not fully understand all ...Read the rest

Newton, MA body shop damaged vehicles for insurance pay – Fraud Expert comments

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says that business owners like unscrupulous body shop fraudsters, find creative ways not only to fix your damaged vehicle, but may also make more damages, or fake damages in order to file additional insurance claims sometimes even ...Read the rest

Online Holiday Grinch – Tips to Avoid Online Scams

The Fraud Dog helps the holiday shopper avoid being scammed by the online Grinch!  Fraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says, buyers beware this year when shopping online. Remember, better watch out for that ole Grinch, hoping to lure you in and take ...Read the rest

The Justice Department recently charged almost 100 people for federal insurance fraud involving $429 million in fraudulent claims. This take-down was one of the largest in Department of Justice History when it comes to the amount of fraudulent billings. Individuals from 7 cities across the ...Read the rest

Maryland woman has been charged with 36 criminal charges involving $7 million in health care fraud. The woman was found guilty by a federal jury and was sentenced to jail. Evidence shows that the woman was CEO of the Health Advocacy Center in Washington DC. ...Read the rest

A Chicago physician was sentenced to 30 months in prison for committing health care fraud over the course of 3 years. The man was submitting false diagnosis codes to justify unnecessary tests he had ordered for patients. He was found guilty of five counts of health ...Read the rest

In the case U.S. v. GlaxoSmithKline LLC, GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges. By pleading guilty, GSK is to pay $3 billion to settle the case that is now considered the largest case of healthcare fraud in U.S. history. The drugmaker ...Read the rest

Kamoliddin Akramov, a foreign exchange student in St. Louis, pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program. The citizen of Kazakhstan was on a J1 visa in the United States when he started to create fake companies in St. Louis, ...Read the rest

Dr. Ihsaan al-Amin was accused of running a “pill mill” and is facing a 105-count federal indictment that includes health care fraud, income tax evasion, money laundering and using a firearm in the operation of a criminal enterprise. The doctor is facing 25 years in ...Read the rest

Eleven Palm Beach County residents were charged on Monday for their role in a staged accident fraud scheme. The defendants recruited individuals to take part in staged auto accidents in order to claim Personal Injury Protection claims for massage and chiropractic treatments. Those that were recruited ...Read the rest