Banks in Europe, Latin America, and the United States have fallen victim to a new ring of cyber criminals. The ring built a cloud-based fraud system that targeted bank accounts with around $300,000 to $600,000 and tried to transfer as much as $130,000 to fake ...Read the rest

Some of the world’s most sophisticated cybercrime rings were disrupted when Microsoft Corporation confiscated several servers used to steal login names and passwords. The software maker said Monday that its cybercrime investigation group also took legal and technical actions to fight notorious criminals who infect ...Read the rest

Once portrayed as the safest of shopping environments, Apple’s iTunes Store and in particular its App Store, has received hundreds of online complaints from consumers who say that their accounts have been hijacked or that some apps are falsely advertised. Also complaining are the creators ...Read the rest

Anyone can be attacked by the rental property scammer, even the professionals.  Recently, Fraud Dog’s team was personally attacked; our team quickly investigated  and ended this fraud.  Due diligence is key to stopping the fraudster in their tracks, says Linda Webb, fraud expert, aka the ...Read the rest