SWARM into action with Contego Recovery Subrogation from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, is proud to be the President of Contego Services Group, an insurance services company with const containment solutions. Subrogation recovery starts the moment a claim occurs when ...Read the rest

    Protecting your investment dollars has become increasingly more difficult,  says the fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. During the civil war people buried their money in their back yard and during the depression of the 1930’s people stuffed their mattresses because they didn’t trust the ...Read the rest

Nothing is safe from thieves looking to make a buck.  Linda Webb, leading fraud expert, aka the FRAUD DOG, says that the fraudster will prey on anyone and anything including innocent animals. Recently a young Chester County, Pennsylvanian  horse dealer was charged with defrauding horse ...Read the rest

Fraud Dog Tips for Hurricane SANDY – sponsored by Contego Services Group from Six Points Media Group on Vimeo. The “Frankenstorm” that’s expected to place tens of millions of people in danger when Hurricane Sandy combines with a cold front coming off the Great Plains ...Read the rest

A Louisiana couple pleaded guilty in a $100 million mail fraud scheme. One of the defendants admitted that she conspired with an insurance agent in order to obtain millions in life insurance policies. She did this by increasing her reported net worth and her annual income. The insurance agent was also ...Read the rest

Maryland woman has been charged with 36 criminal charges involving $7 million in health care fraud. The woman was found guilty by a federal jury and was sentenced to jail. Evidence shows that the woman was CEO of the Health Advocacy Center in Washington DC. ...Read the rest

Importance of SIU in YOUR Corporation

According to an article written in Claims magazine, 90 percent of insurers surveyed are using at least basic SIU services. This leaves 10 percent of insureds vulnerable to losses from fraud causing a higher premium. This study at least proves that most of today’s insurance carriers are ...Read the rest

In a video released today, Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, LLC outlines tips for hurricane victims that may be targeted by fraudsters in the aftermath of the storm. States around the gulf coast are bracing for Hurricane Isaac to make landfall as a ...Read the rest

1. Man allegedly chopped off a friend’s hand to cash a $670,000 dismemberment claim. 2. Four women made up a man, faked his death and staged a funeral to claim 1.2 million in life insurance benefits. 3. Security camera captured a man allegedly faking an ...Read the rest

Is Hacking Just a Game to Fraudsters?

Fraudster’s have taken hacking to a whole new level! Defcon is an annual organized hacker convention in Las Vegas.  Participants gather key detailed information  from different companies in an attempt to obtain all the data points in an organization. The convention also allows hackers to share ...Read the rest