Buster, the fraud fighting dog, is always ready to help others in need, especially when it comes to her furry friends! Fairy Dogparents is a nonprofit organization that assists in preventing dogs from being surrendered to shelters due financial circumstances. Buster would never want to be separated from her ...Read the rest

Animal Control officers were called to investigate a 60 year old woman’s home. Investigators found, what they call, the worst case they’ve seen from a human health and safety level. 43 cats filled the woman’s home along with garbage and cat feces piling up throughout the home. Most ...Read the rest

A group of students were caught on camera viciously harassing their school bus monitor, Karen Klein. The video includes the bus monitor enduring profane comment after comment cutting Klein down. The bus monitor was a driver for 20 years and worked as a monitor for the past 3. Even ...Read the rest