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scalpers superbowl tktsFraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says that con artist, scammers, and scalpers selling fake tickets are in full force at superbowl, so buyer beware. Remember that the fraudster preys upon people who are needing something, like a football fanatic looking for superbowl tickets.

Superbowl is a breeding ground for fraud scams. Watch out for those last minute super bowl deals right at kickoff, and don’t let yourself wishing you had stayed home to watch the big game on your TV instead of losing thousands of dollars by the superbowl fraudster says the Fraud Dog



From the York Daily Record:

The week leading up to Super Bowl XLVII has been marked by a number of high-profile (and high-dollar-value) frauds and scams that prey upon football fans and their hard-earned money. Police said Thursday they are hot on the trail of the Baltimore … Scams bloom as Super Bowl nears


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