Who would have thought that driving an auto mobile in Florida could spare so much danger? In 2010, a study conducted by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, showing the statistics of traffic accidents across the state of Florida. Overall, the study showed that the average number of crashes that occurred per day was 645. As this problem continues it carries with it other unfortunate consequences.

To help aid the injuries from crashes that occur, Florida has created personal injury protection (PIP) which is mandatory for all drivers across the state. This is an insurance policy that will pay up to $10,000 dollars in series of medical costs coming from auto accidents, despite who is at fault. As members of the community become more familiar with this course of action, criminals thrive off of planning these wrecks in order to get big payouts. Criminals of all kinds disguise their identities and continue to neglect the critical ideas PIP which permits their ability of stealing millions of dollars. The uncontrolled abuse of this matter is the foremost reason that many Florida drivers pay more than $2,000 a year for their PIP coverage.

How can we come together and end this fraud that occurs over and over again every day? By choosing Contego Services Group, you will be avoiding risks of fraud and increase your profits at the same time. The services provided by the Contego team unquestionably cost less, allowing the clients to receive a chance to earn money back.

Auto fraud will undoubtedly cost Americans over $300 per year regarding their insurance premiums says Linda Webb, also known as the Fraud Dog. In order to fight against and eliminate staged auto accidents, Contego must strive to help those who encounter these types of accidents. At Contego, we endeavor quickness and we stand ready. Unlike most insurance companies, we are able to provide you with services that are faster, easier and more accessible. Fraud Dog, reminds you that it is important to take a picture of all the individuals who were present and involved at the scene of the traffic accident. Remember the faceless fraudster does not want to be identified. Taking part in these simple steps allow the members of our team reward you with the utmost safety you deserve. From worker’s comp fraud, to insurance fraud and medical fraud, these crimes have become a serious epidemic that must be controlled and punished in a more effective manner. Linda Webb is leading the revolution for fighting fraud, and needs America’s support.

Striving for nothing but the best, Contego Services Group undoubtedly provides the most prestigious services for companies across the world. As they aim strongly to provide value-added services, Contego’s fundamental objective is to achieve the goals of each individual client. Using a more of an innovative approach, Contego uses the newest and up to date business techniques around. Their revolutionary models offer something new and are desperately needed in our current dynamic business world. Being a client of Contego, you can certainly trust us to protect and defend your company with insurance services that reach nothing less than the best, making our risk management services the most prestigious in the world!

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