Fraud Dog says Spring Breakers watch out for the “land shark” fraudsters while on vacation.

  1. Watch out for those phony (phishing) web sites that promise great vacation deals. Do your research to make sure you are talking to the real hotel website or travel site.
  2. Rental Vacation Properties offering weekend rental or week rentals beware, and make sure you are talking to the real owners or property managers. Make sure that property is really a rental property.
  3. Be sure to let someone know where you are going, as the “bar watcher” is just waiting to see if he can get your identity or credit card.  “Follow the swipe of your credit cards, as credit card readers can be bought on the internet for less than $20.00, and selling your identity on the internet is worth $50.00 per swipe.
  4. Watch what you put on social media, as the fraudster may follow your information so as to trick your family members into thinking your in trouble, like needing to be bailed out of jail, when your actually just going to a movie. Set up times for which you will talk to your family members so they know you are ok. Create a password for which only you and your family would know.
  5. Never leave your “ bar drink” unattended, as you never know who might slip you some unwanted narcotics to take advantage of you later.
  6. Be cautious if you are wiring money to someone you do know.
  7. Watch out for impersonators promising you some fun events while at the beach or vacationing, only to be ripped off later.
  8. Fraudster look for innocent vacationers for “staged auto accidents” like the “swoop and squat”. Always report the accident to local police.
  9. Be alert, as the fraudster is waiting for that moment you are intoxicated to swoop in and catch you off guard.
  10. Don’t leave your belonging at the beach or poolside, as the fraudster will swoop right in to get your identity.
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