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When you first heard about the Newtown shooting, most Americans sat with disbelief and were horrified by what they saw on the news. Others watching the same event unfold thought of more sinister ways to capitalize on this tragic event. How do people wanting to give to the victim families of the Newtown shooting, fall into the fraudster trap? It is really simple, in order for fraud to occur, you need the following items:

  1. A sudden need
  2. A sense of urgency to act upon the event
  3. Trust in what the public sees, reads, and hears on TV or on the internet.

Without doing any due diligence, caring honest people will give their wallets to help and that is exactly what the fraudster is hoping for. Now this is not to discourage giving to help charities, victims or special causes. It is about being sure you use reputable legal organizations to donate to. Be sure to do due diligence and make sure that your donation gets to the intended recipient, says Linda Webb, the Fraud Dog.


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