Nothing is safe from thieves looking to make a buck.  Linda Webb, leading fraud expert, aka the FRAUD DOG, says that the fraudster will prey on anyone and anything including innocent animals. Recently a young Chester County, Pennsylvanian  horse dealer was charged with defrauding horse owners by posing as a rescue group and instead sending their horses to slaughter. Kelsey Lefever admitted to selling over 120 horses to international slaughter houses to be butchered for human consumption.  Horse slaughter was outlawed in the US in 2008 but is still legal in Mexico and Canada. Hundreds of horse owners were lead to believe that they were sending their horses to be retrained and then placed in happy homes through a horse rescue group not across the border to death.

The ASPCA says horse slaughter is inherently cruel because the biology of horses makes them difficult to stun and they often remain conscious during their slaughter. In addition, horsemeat can be toxic to humans, as horses are frequently administered drugs that violate the safety regulations mandated for food animals. The group also argues the majority of horses killed for human consumption are in good condition and could go on to lead productive lives in loving homes. They just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the ASPCA says, and this means that any horse, no matter how loved, is just one bad sale away from the slaughterhouse until the nation bans this practice.

The Fraud Dog reminds everyone that you should do your due diligence and check up on a rescue group before surrendering your animals. A quick internet search can reveal alarming results. In addition, when meeting with rescue group personnel, you should ask if you may follow up in the future to see the animal. Ask for references when looking into rescue groups.  Also most legitimate rescue groups are charity driven, so ask to see their 501c3 documents. Finally, go see the rescue facilities to see how they operate and how the animals are cared for.

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