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Memorial Day Scams target military families

During a time when we honor those who served in the armed forces, the fraudster uses their time to dishonor and commit fraud!

On special holidays like Memorial Day, people tend to open their hearts (and wallets) as well as lower their guard to the fraudster. The fraudster is ready to take advantage of the vulnerable as they know people love to help one another out, honor the deceased, and give thanks to those who keep America safe.


Fraudulent Charities

The fraudster will take advantage setting up fraudulent charities “that claim” to help families who have suffered the loss of a loved one. They will offer things too good to be true:

  • Low cost loans – offering instant approval
  • Consolidated debt programs to military families


Here’s some great informations from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Beware of Memorial Day Scams Aimed at Military Personnel 5/3/2013

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who serve and remember those who have died in war. But sadly, it has also become a key opportunity for scammers to target those who are serving or have served their nation, especially elderly veterans. As Memorial Day approaches, the Better Business Bureau urges consumers and donors to be aware of scammers that feed off the military.

BBB Military Line, the military arm of the Better Business Bureau, provides free resources, such as financial literacy information, access to BBB services and scam alerts, and complaint and dispute resolution for all branches of the U.S. military.


Let’s send the fraudster packing and protect our military families from the fraudster says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka, The Fraud Dog.


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