Last month a conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard concerning an international group of hackers was being secretly monitored by the hackers themselves.  This hacker group called Anonymous released the recording of the conversation last week as well as an email obtained that contained the conference  call dial-in number and the pass code.

FBI officials point out that the conversation and the conference call were not classified and no bureau computer system were breached.  Investigators believe the hackers obtained the email  from breaching an external personal account.  The FBI issued a statement last week saying:  “This information was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained  A criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible.”

Fraud Dog Says, Hackers are everywhere using nay means of communication to hack into the privacy of others.  They are hacking into your emails, websites and your telecommunications. We need to take proactive steps now to enhance our security systems to stay ahead of the hacker’s games.

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