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Be on high alert when filing your taxes

Scam artists are looking for any way they can to get your personal information in order to steal your tax return money. In latest phishing scams, the fraudster sends you notices that look like they came from directly from

The IRS will not ask you to for your personal information says Linda Webb. They already have your personal information. These fraudsters are clever as they prey upon your emotions. Naturally when you get an email that looks like it came from the IRS you want to quickly respond. BUT… do your due diligence first. Be careful of other clever ways to contact you also like through vishing (robo calling), and smishing, texting.

What do these mean?


This is a scam that uses email or pop-up messages to trick you into disclosing your credit card number, bank account information, Social Security number, password or other sensitive information. These emails will claim to be from a business or organization you deal with – such as your bank, online payment service, or even a government agency. The email usually says that you need to “update” or “validate” your account information. It often threatens dire consequences if you don’t respond. The message directs you to a website that looks just like the legitimate organization’s web site, but is not. The idea is to get you to enter your information so they can capture it.


Also known as “voice” phishing over the phone. This is another way for scammers to steal credit card or debit card numbers and other information used in identity theft scams. Be suspicious of any message you receive claiming to be from University Credit Union asking you to provide sensitve or confidential financial information.


A text message is sent to the member’s cell phone that asks the member to call a toll-free number once that call is refunded, they will ask for personal information such as Account Number, Debit card number or Social Security Number.


MSNBC video on Smishing scam promises $1,000 Walmart gift

Report any suspicious phishing to the here


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