MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — To alert television executives about increasing levels of fraud across America, celebrated fraud fighter Linda Webb, aka “The Fraud Dog,” will be barking at broadcasters attending NATPE 2012 Jan. 23-25 here to get them to present more programs about fraud.

The three-day NATPE Conference and Exhibition here at the Fontainebleau Resort is the worldwide television community’s most important media event where executive television programmers gather to look at new television shows and to discuss significant issues affecting the industry.

“Television can play an important role in educating the American public how to recognize fraud and protect against it,” said Webb, who has many ideas for a television series depicting the most widespread frauds across America (

Webb called the event the ultimate high-level gathering of television industry program executives and the ideal place to bring important issues to the attention of the most powerful communications medium on earth.  And the issue uppermost in her mind is fraud.

“Anyone who buys, sells, develops, finances, advertises, markets or licenses content, implements technology, exploits rights, or leverages media assets will be attending the annual Conference & Exhibition should know what Fraud is doing to our country,” Webb said.

“And I want to make as many attendees as possible aware that our country is besieged by fraudsters and scam artists bleeding our economy and defrauding our citizens out of many billions of dollars.”

According to Webb, the television industry today encompasses so much more than ever before and NATPE has for 40 years been a leader in encouraging and supporting progress of the industry and all of the platforms it now serves. What has remained constant is NATPE’s commitment to keeping members apprised of the changes occurring daily in the global media environment, including key content areas, of which fraud is certainly one.

NATPE implements its mission by providing members with education, networking, professional enhancement and technological guidance through such events as NATPE 2012, which is why Webb said she is attending, “to alert the industry about the growing problem of fraud, which needs to be dealt with dramatically and forthrightly on television.”

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