Fraudsters come in all shapes and sizes – even those sworn to serve and protect.  While the police may seem like the least likely fraudster – think again, because fraud lurks everywhere.

Sgt. Chad DeSanto of the Polk County Police Department in Florida resigned June 27 after he admitted to lying on a police incident report to save $750 on an insurance deductible.

The insurance scam was the result of an accident DeSanto had in his personal car in 2006 while doing side-work for the courts outside of county time.  Since DeSanto was paid by the court and not the county he had to use his private vehicle.  His work consisted of finding probationers for drug testing.

According to Police Chief Kenny Dodd, DeSanto was on his way to a probationer when he struck a deer.  Dodd said DeSanto later filled out a Polk County police report and fraudulently provided information changing the insurance deductible from $1,000 to $250.
“He committed a felony. He knows better and was a police officer,” Dodd said.  Due to the statute of limitations on the crime, DeSanto cannot be criminally charged.   However, Dodd is sending a report to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) and DeSanto could face suspension or revocation of his POST certification which would make him ineligible to be a police officer in the United States.

Insurance Fraud doesn’t pay, even if you’re a cop,” says the Fraud Dog. Changing the facts on your police report in order to cover your deductible is not worth going to jail over. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  “Remember, escalating your insurance claim to cover your deductible is a crime,” says the FRAUD DOG.

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