The American Dream can be a source of unrivaled motivation, but for some, only motivates greed. The latter is true for Houston nightclub investor Julian Vence Kimble.  With a trail of failed business deals, Kimble’s latest scheme involved his now defunct emergency transport company, Pearl Ambulance Inc, as well as Monarch Ambulance Inc., which he appears to have partnered with.

The crooked businessman has been charged with cheating Medicare of at least $4.6 million involving his private ambulance company, money laundering and tax evasion, according to the Houston Chronicle. “Among other things, authorities contend Julian Vence Kimble, 46, attempted to launder money from his health care enterprises into property transactions and also lied to IRS about how much money he made.”

At the time of the investigation, Kimble was considering investing in a nightclub that soon became Grooves Restaurant of Houston, a popular local hotspot. “The formal federal complaint filed this week charges him with conspiracy to commit health care fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and one count of tax evasion.”

The tax evasion charges stem from a 2003 tax return in which Kimble claimed less than $200,000 taxable income, which turned out to be more like $2,000,000. The Houston Chronicle’s investigation “documented millions in Medicare dollars dubiously billed and paid to companies whose passengers likely did not qualify for payer-supported transport.” In addition to his current legal woes, Kimble has recently faced several lawsuits resulting from various other investment deals gone awry.

The Fraud Dog says – “Fraudsters cross many different lines of fraud in order to keep the money rolling in. Fraudsters can morph each day and practice many types of fraud from many different business industry types. In order to fight fraud, you must constantly evaluate internally your whole business process, and identify the vulnerability points. Close these points off so the fraudster cannot get in to steal. We must attack fraud at the point of inception.”

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