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9 out of 10 elderly people do not report fraud says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog. We must encourage our elderly to report fraud. Here are some of the latest scams that are targeting our elderly. Even though some of these scams have been around for a long time, the fraudster can still find willing victims.

1.  Fraudster pretending to be a relative or friend asks to wire money because they are stranded over seas on a trip.

2.  Fraudster pretending to be with lottery departing indicating you have won the lottery, or someone wanting to share their lottery winnings with you. Really? Sounds to good to be true?

3. Distraction Fraud is where the fraudster knocks on your door pretending to be a government official, only to distract you long enough to steal valuables out of your home

4. Investment Fraud, i.e. Ponzi scam – offering you high returns on your investment dollars only to find out later there was no investment at all.


Dollars & Sense: Senior scams
Our seniors live longer and they are more active. But they may become the victims of scammers and con artists. “Seniors tend have saved up a nest egg so they tend to have more money readily available. Also because of that, they’re probably going to own … Read More…Dollars & Sense: Senior scams 


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