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A Washington trio was charged with two counts of insurance fraud and two counts of attempting to obtain property by false pretense , and one count of filing a false police report. Investigators found evidence that only one person was involved in the actual accident and the two others entered the car after the accident so that they could claim property damage and receive medical expenses.

Jump In’s
can be profitable business for the fraudster, says fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. Jump In’s are people who are added to a traffic accident report that really were not in the accident at all. Sometimes the accident is planned like with a SWOOP & SQUAT, where the fraudster stops for no reason in front of you, causing you to slam into the rear of the fraudster vehicle. Jump In’s  arrive at the accident scene before the police arrive or even add themselves to the accident report several days later. If you find yourself in a traffic accident, be sure to identify everyone at the scene of the crash, be observant, and take notes. Be sure to see who was in each vehicle. Take photos of everyone at the accident scene and send this information to your insurance carrier. You just might help crack an organized crime ring say Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog.


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