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Fraudsters are planting bad seeds!

Farming is a tough business. The work starts before the sun comes up and ends after it goes down. Farmers hope the weather will give them plenty of warm sunshine and rain to nourish their crops. What they don’t hope for, is to be hit with fraud. Although working the land to feed America is a moral profession, farmers need to protect themselves against the immoral fraudster!

For the unscrupulous fraudsters the thought of doing a hard day’s work is the last thing of their mind. Looking for the easiest way to commit fraud is the only work the fraudster does.


The Fraudster’s version of work

The fraudster sits behind a desk, claiming they had a farm, and then lost the crop through an insurance claim. Some of the oldest and hardest professions that made America great are now some of the targets for fraud. The fraudster sees large dollars that can be made through filing fraudulent claims. In this article they reference many different players involved in these large scams from unscrupulous agents, claims adjusters and others.

“The simple truth is that sowing the land for these fraudsters is simply GREED,” says Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog. “We must be proactive and send the fraudster packing from America’s heartland. Speak out about fraud.”


Video on Farmland Fraud (Eye-opening!)




Report your fraud here!

Report your fraud here!

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