Medical fraud reports now seem to be a daily reality. Local newspapers detail stories of crooked doctors falsifying documents to bill Medicare for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment and equipment. A court filing Wednesday charged New Orleans physician Dr. Anthony Stephen Jase with one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

Jase fraudulently billed Medicare for power wheelchairs and orthotic equipment for patients that he never treated, according to Federal prosecutors report that Medicare paid over $280,000 to a medical equipment supplier based on the phony documents provided by the 41-year-old doctor. The New Orleans doctor faces up to 10 years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine if he is convicted of the charge. Last year, Jase was indicted in a Baton Rouge federal court on separate charges that stemmed from an alleged $1 million plot to defraud the Medicare program by sending fraudulent claims for durable medical equipment.

“When a doctor doesn’t treat a patient, how can that same doctor prescribe durable medical equipment in the Medicare system?” inquired Linda Webb, star of the new reality series Fraud Dog TV, similar to America’s Most Wanted. ”Why does the Medicare technology system allow so much money to go out the door first and then try to recoup later for fraud?” The Fraud Dog says: “We must move faster on the front end to identify the holes in the Medicare system; Business Rules must be put into place to shore up these holes; The Medicare system should not allow the authorization of payment for equipment without a matching doctor’s visit.”

“Once an arrest is made, officials should be looking back at how the crime was allowed to be committed in the first place, and lock down the manner in which the fraudster was able to steal from the system,” concludes the Fraud Dog. If you are currently seeking fraud investigation services,  insurance services or risk management services, contact the experts at Contego Services Group today by calling 1-855-WE-SWARM. With years of experience, our knowledgeable staff will achieve your company’s goals and provide value-added services that will make a difference in your bottom line.

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