U.S. employers spent $73.9 billion on workers’ compensation insurance in 2009 to cover about 125 million workers, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. InsuranceQuotes.com recently posted a guide to workers’ compensation insurance. They list the following seven things to remember when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance.

1. Each state has different requirements

2. Rates can change from year to year

3. Coverage extends beyond the work site

4. Costs depend on the risks

5. Safety measures can lead to monetary savings

6. If an accident happens, take action

7. Make note of pre-existing conditions

Fraud expert, Linda Webb is quoted on how safety measure can lead to monetary savings. Linda, president of Contego Services Group, recommends giving awards for safety efforts. Such as handing out movie tickets to workers every 90 days that pas without a workplace accident. To read the rest of guide click here.

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