The aftermath of a tornado leaves more than just destruction and debris in its wake.  Homes and lives are uprooted and the emotional toll is devastating.  For victims of natural disasters, the pain of loss strikes twice when fraudsters attack.

A recent report by the Missouri Department of Insurance stated companies are deliberately and fraudulently targeting tornado victims on insurance claim negotiations.

The scammers portray illegal companies offering to negotiate insurance claims and manifest unfounded promises such as getting a better home rebuilt at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, there is cost.  Not only are these companies illegitimate, they’re preying on victims of catastrophe.  If you’re contacted by someone offering promises sounding too good to be true – demand to see their credentials and never sign anything without full disclosure.

“Policyholders should first try to resolve differences directly with their insurance company,” said John M. Huff, director of the Missouri Department of Insurance. “If they reach an impasse, they can file a complaint with our department – our services come free of charge.”

The Fraud Dog says: if you’re a tornado victim, beware of the fraudster promising a quick fix and insurance money. Don’t be victimized twice.

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