Linda Webb, president of Contego Services Group was featured in today’s Sun Sentinel. Her career path has certainly been extraordinary.  Webb has been a bar boxer, police officer, undercover prostitute, dive-rescue-motorcycle-cop-chick and a vice president of the Global Fraud Unit of AIG.

Linda Webb’s passion is fighting fraud. She is known as the Fraud Dog because she fights fraud like a dog fights for a bone. She writes a blog on fraud and is working on a reality TV show concept. Her goal is to educate the public on fraud scams and how to protect themselves.

Linda Webb has supervised over 20,000 different types of cases involving terrorism, complex fraud rings all over the world.  It is ironic that her company’s current office was once occupied by Fort Lauderdale fraudster Scott Rothstein. She says it is feels great to fight fraud from a place that once initiated it.

If you are the victim of fraud or If you are in need of fraud investigation services, contact Contego Services Group today. Under the leadership of Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog, Contego has the knowledge and expertise to help you resolve your fraud case. Whether it’s mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud or any other type of fraudulent activity, Contego and The Fraud Dog will work together to help you and your company. For more information, call 1-855-WE-SWARM today.

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