As politicians continue to scramble to find a feasible way to reduce and stabilize the nation’s debt, Linda Webb is calling on Congress to declare war on the fraud that is attacking our economy and eating away at jobs and consumer confidence.

Check any national newspaper and you’ll likely a find a story or four about some type of fraud scam that has likely earned the involved criminals more money than punishment. Medicare fraud is now estimated to total a staggering $60 billion each year, making it one of the most profitable crimes in America. The Fraud Dog says, “Compromise-challenged Democrats and Republicans would find a more unifying path toward debt reduction by declaring war on the arch enemy of our economy—fraud.” Webb is the star of the up and coming reality television show “Fraud Dog,” a series similar in format to America’s Most Wanted, designed to expose insurance fraud scammers and other fraud criminals that “are like terrorists waging relentless attacks on unsuspecting victims.”

“It’s a debt-end path yet to be taken decisively by our Nation’s leaders,” said Webb, “What America wants most is putting an end to fraud, a multi-billion dollar criminal industry, costing Americans more than the combined annual spending of many countries.” Webb promotes this initiative by stating that, “If government declares war on fraud it would end the political stalemate brought about by anti-compromise political agendas in Washington.” The Fraud Dog believes that companies that proactively fight fraud throughout their business processes should be rewarded. “If there’s anything politicians can rally around, it’s stopping fraud that robs us all of our money, identity and dignity.”

From worker’s comp fraud, to insurance fraud and medical fraud, these crimes have become a serious epidemic that must be controlled and punished in a more effective manner. Linda Webb is leading the revolution for fighting fraud, and needs America’s support.

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