WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — “Compromise-challenged Democrats and Republicans would find a more unifying path toward debt reduction by declaring war on the arch enemy of our economy–fraud,” said Linda Webb, star of “Fraud Dog,” a series heading for television.

“It’s a debt-end path yet to be taken decisively by our Nation’s leaders,” according to Webb, whose series is in the genre of America’s Most Wanted.  “What America wants most is putting an end to fraud, a multi-billion dollar criminal industry, costing Americans more than the combined annual spending of many countries,” she barked.

Webb urges Congress “to declare war on the staggering amount of fraud, which is terrorizing citizens and plaguing the economy as a growing army of determined fraudsters stealthily attack everything America holds dear, from workers’ comp to Medicare.”

Medicare fraud – estimated now to total $60 billion a year – has become one of the most profitable crimes in America. “Fraudsters are like terrorists waging relentless attacks on unsuspecting victims.”

“If government declares war on fraud it would end the political stalemate brought about by anti-compromise political agendas in Washington,” Webb said.

“Every decent person in this country, regardless of their political persuasion, is united against fraud, especially in these tough economic times. We should reward companies who proactively fight FRAUD throughout their business process.”

“If there’s anything politicians can rally around it’s stopping fraud that robs us all of our money, identity and dignity.”

About Linda Webb:

Linda Webb, aka “The Fraud Dog,” has dedicated 30 years to fighting fraud, handling the most complex fraud schemes involving organized crime rings and terrorist groups domestically and internationally. She has worked with investigative news shows like Prime Time and 20/20, and her unit has completed over 19,000 investigations, with over $1.2 billion in savings. She has worked closely with local law enforcement, task force operations, FBI, special prosecutors, Attorney Generals, and other federal and state enforcement agencies.  Her cases have been used as the “fraud model” for fighting terrorism after 9/11.

Webb (http://thefrauddog.com) began her career in law enforcement and is President of Contego Services Group, LLC, a provider of insurance and risk management services, offering her innovative SWARM-link technology, a new insurance investigation system, which identifies suspicious workers’ compensation claims much earlier.

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