Crowdturfing is the practice of masquerading marketing or lobbying campaigns as “grassroots” efforts, it is a disguised marketing ploy which uses social media as its medium for operation. Often centered in China, workers are recruited to create fake profiles and then post on targeted websites to sway the perception of the general public.  This spam is to generate false product reviews and to start rumors. As companies depend more on social media, crowdturfing will become more prevalent.

These fraudsters are counting on creating a ton of false information making it harder for less knowledgeable internet and social media users to find out the truth.  Often a recommendation from a “friend” or a “friend of a friend” can significantly increase the sales of a targeted product.

Since this type of cyber fraud does not attempt to get money or financial information from the victims it has not been viewed as serious threat until recently.  Currently there is no software to block this spam because it is sent by actual people.

This form of cyber scam will undoubtedly progress and further obfuscation techniques will be used to increase its effectiveness.

Linda Webb, aka the FRAUD DOG warns that we must be vigilant in our social media contacts.  A friend of a friend may not be known by anyone but is a fraudster looking to influence you about a product, issue or website.  This new type of spam is creating sea of false information, making it harder to decipher the truth.  FRAUD DOG reminds us to always be on the lookout for scams and to always do due diligence before making a large purchase.

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