It goes without saying that white-collar crime isn’t as punishable as violent offenses. But in economic times like these, consumers cannot afford to continue footing the bill for insurance fraudsters because law enforcement must focus on putting away the criminals who pose a physical threat to society. According to the Daily News, “fewer than 10 percent of [Albany’s] convicted insurance fraudsters spend any time behind bars.”

Over the last 5 years, a total of 545 criminals were sentenced on insurance fraud in Albany, yet only 50 served jail time. The vast majority of the scammers were allowed to plead charges down to misdemeanors or non-criminal offenses, and nearly 100 were permitted to walk away with just a fine. Prosecutors prefer to plead out these cases in order to focus on violent crimes. “Those who go to jail are typically linked to larger fraud rings – or have an extensive record,” reports the Daily News. Despite this fact, prosecutors complain that insurance fraud penalties are ineffective, and carry up to only four years in the slammer. “Many fear that a slap on the wrist doesn’t do enough to discourage insurance fraud and that those who are caught and forced to pay restitution see it as a cost of doing business.” Those in the industry do not regard insurance fraud as a victimless crime whatsoever, as it ends up costing Americans through higher premiums.

The Fraud Dog says – This is why corporations have to have fraud dogs guarding their assets. Fraud is not viewed as a violent crime, so fraudsters know that even when caught, they probably don’t have to pay back restitution or serve jail time. No one is protecting corporations, so corporations must be proactive on their own to protect their own assets. Remember, when corporations lose money from the fraudster, it means one thing – AMERICA PAYS FOR FRAUD; CONSUMERS PAY, because corporations will just flow these costs straight to the consumer. Corporations need Contego Services Group …THE SWARM…THE FRAUD DOG to guard their assets.

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