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Fraud Expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says, “the more public awareness and open family discussion with their children should be conducted to protect themselves against Catfishing.

“Catfishing” is on-line predators that misrepresent their real identity. These fraudsters hide behind others and scam people with lies and deceit. These scammers prey upon ones vulnerability and emotions. Catfishing can cause emotional scars on their victims and can lead to suicide. It is a form of “bullying” also, and should not be tolerated on social media, schools or work environments. Always know who you are talking to. Do not talk to strangers, and if they are unwilling to identify themselves, they are not worth talking to.

Increased public awareness about Catfishing can be seen on the latest GLEE episode, and from the headlines of a Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o. I am glad that the public is now openly aware of these predators, and will take more precaution.

Speak up!

Buster says, “Speak up!”

Buster the Fraud Dog says, “don’t let puppy mills catfish you into buying a puppy online with a fake picture.” Buster’s takes on the fraudulent puppy mills in the fight to protect her canine friends and pet owners. Be safe and adopt from your local ASPCA and human society




Catfishing Fraud Video offers more insight



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