Pet Scammer Alert

Tis the season to be jolly, but the scammer is quick to take that yule time cheer even using puppies, kittens, and other cute animals to lure you in. Pet scammers know that during this time, people are looking for that perfect little pet to ...Read the rest

Dog X-Ray Assists in the Arrest of an Over – Prescribing Doctor

Authorities arrested Glendora physician for improperly prescribing addictive medicine to people with no legitimate medical need for medication. The doctor wrote three prescriptions to different deputies posing as patients. One deputy provided the doctor with an X-ray of a dog and explained to the doctor ...Read the rest

Check out Buster, the fraud fighting dog, warming up for her anti bullying campaign. No matter what age, race, religion, or social status you are, bullying has probably affected you in some way. The more we can educate ourselves on the definition of bullying, causes ...Read the rest

Please take the time to watch this video from X-Factor. This contestant was a victim of bullying and was able to channel those emotions into her performance. This is one of the reasons that we have started this anti-bullying campaign. This is just one of millions ...Read the rest

Buster, the fraud fighting dog, is always ready to help others in need, especially when it comes to her furry friends! Fairy Dogparents is a nonprofit organization that assists in preventing dogs from being surrendered to shelters due financial circumstances. Buster would never want to be separated from her ...Read the rest

A Computer is all the Fraudster Needs to Commit Fraud

A 24 year old man was arrested for forging UCF letterhead to obtain prescription drugs. Ryan Muscanell is not a UCF student and has a previous criminal record including battery on a law enforcement officer and trespassing. Muscanell’s bond was set at $2,000. “Fraud education in schools is ...Read the rest

Animal Control officers were called to investigate a 60 year old woman’s home. Investigators found, what they call, the worst case they’ve seen from a human health and safety level. 43 cats filled the woman’s home along with garbage and cat feces piling up throughout the home. Most ...Read the rest

Buster, the fraud fighting dog, takes her new poster campaign into schools. Buster hopes to build her own fan club of furry friends who will also help support her anti-bullying campaign. Buster says we have to create a more positive culture in our schools. In ...Read the rest

Yevgeniy Samsonov was charged with multiple counts of attempted theft and insurance fraud for filing an insurance claim seeking $20,000 for his cat that he lost in an auto accident. Samsonov claimed that the cat was like a son to him, which is why he was seeking such ...Read the rest

The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, was found to have engaged in bullying and intimidation in the workplace. Investigators found 15 or more instances when the chairman intentionally made other employees feel intimidated. Jaczko has since resigned but feels that his actions were consistent with his authorities ...Read the rest