The Fraud Dog Recruits Public in Chicago to Help Stop Fraud!

Senior citizens
in Oklahoma are victimized by fraudsters, but it’s time to take a stand. The Oklahoma Insurance Department’s Anti-Fraud Team and Medicare Assistance Program will be presenting five Summits addressing Senior Fraud throughout the state this summer. They will be free to the public and include breakfast. Those who attend will be educated on the dangers of fraud, current scams targeting seniors and fraudulent Medicare actions.

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that we need to educate the public on fraud scams. If the American public knows how a scam works, then hopefully they won’t be scammed. The best way to shut the fraudster down is to educate the public on fraud scams. Linda Webb encourages education on TV to help get all Americans involved. It is time we did a call to action for all Americans to help us in the fight against the fraudster. Let’s send the fraudster packing says Linda Webb and her fraud fighting dog Buster.

To report potentially fraudulent activity, contact Linda Webb aka The Fraud Dog, leading fraud expert at 1-855-FRAUD-DOG.

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