A group of students were caught on camera viciously harassing their school bus monitor, Karen Klein. The video includes the bus monitor enduring profane comment after comment cutting Klein down. The bus monitor was a driver for 20 years and worked as a monitor for the past 3. Even though the kids were taunting her, Klein remained calm and at one point started to cry. The lack of respect between children and adults is becoming a serious problem in today’s society. Klein does not want to press charges on the seventh graders and is satisfied with the community response to the incident.

Buster, the fraud fighting dog, wants to put an end to bullying! Buster gave a donation to the bullied bus driver! Find out what you can do to help here: Indiegogo

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka the Fraud Dog says that our youth need a new hero to follow. Buster, the Fraud Dog, is being created in animation form. Although there is a real fraud-fighting dog named Buster that helps Linda Webb fight fraud, Buster’s animation form will be used to help educate children on fraud awareness. In 2011, Buster and Linda produced a PSA warning children about the dangers of texting unknown strangers. Buster the fraud dog says children need to show more compassion towards their peers, parents, teachers and all human kind. Bullying is lame, says Buster the Fraud Dog. We should spend our time and energy on stopping fraud and not creating a bulling environment.


For more information on Buster, the Fraud Dog, go to: http://www.thefrauddog.com/about-linda-webb/buster-the-fraud-dog


Watch as we share more about the building of America’s next fraud fighting dog, Buster.

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  1. Grant

    Just wanted to let you know that people online from around the world have been donating to her cause for a vacation after finding out about this incident. Check out how much has been raised so far…