Buster, The Fraud Fighting Dog, is now fully animated!

Kids, before you answer that text message, be sure you know who you’re texting! RUFF!

Buster warms up to Fight Fraud!

A visit to Kids In Distress for International Fraud Awareness Week.

Buster on the set of Fraud Dog

Buster on the set of Fraud Dog

Buster loves educating kids about Fraud

The Fraud Dogs visit Kids in Distress

Buster’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

Click the above image to print Buster the fraud fighting dog’s anti-bullying poster!

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Buster was born March 3, 2011. She’s a Boxer that Linda Webb, the fraud dog rescued from a puppy mill store in South Florida.

Linda Webb chose Buster for her fraud fighting skills and boxing dog traits, since Linda “boxed” her way through college with a record of 33-0. Buster is Linda’s side kick, although she is still a “fraud puppy”. Buster’s fraud sniffing skills will help stop the fraudster in years to come.

Buster goes to work with Linda when she’s not in fraud-dog training school. Buster loves to help Linda educate school children across America on fraud awareness. Buster is also helping Linda to stopping bullying in schools.

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