Social Media can be a playground for the cyber hacker.

Be careful what you put on your social media accounts as you never know who will be watching says fraud expert, Linda Webb, aka Fraud Dog. Hackers cause disruption, disorder, and fear. Hackers thirst for data leads them to any company’s website. Anyone with a website or anything found on the internet can be a target.

More importantly is what the hacker may do with the information ones they hack it that may be most troubling.When using the internet and your computer be sure to keep security controls up to date says Linda Webb.



Article By TERRY COLLINS and ANNE D’INNOCENZIO Associated Press
NEW YORK February 2, 2013 (AP)

Social media giant Twitter is among the latest U.S. companies to report that it is among a growing list of victims of Internet security attacks, saying that hackers may have gained access to information on 250,000 of its more than 200 million active users. And now, The Washington Post is joining the chorus, revealing the discovery of a sophisticated cyber-attack in 2011.
Twitter said in a blog post on Friday it detected attempts to gain access to its user data earlier in the week. It shut down one attack moments after it was detected.
But Twitter discovered that the attackers may have stolen user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords belonging to 250,000 users they describe as “a very small percentage of our users.” The company reset the pilfered passwords and sent emails advising the affected users.
The Twitter attack comes on the heels of recent hacks into the computer systems of U.S. companies, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Both newspapers reported this week that their computer systems had been infiltrated by China-based hackers, likely to monitor media coverage the Chinese government deems important.

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