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World traveler be aware!

The fraudster is hoping to spoil your travel plans if you are not careful. When traveling abroad, tourists have a tendency to “stand out” from the locals. For the fraudster this is open prey with deep pockets.

Remember to always be alert to your surrounding, and look around at all times. Never give out your personal information without doing your research. Hold on to your license, don’t even give it away on field excursions off cruise ships. See the tips and article below for more information.

This video has great information is you are planning your overseas trip.


Online travel consultants also published a list of scams that travelers abroad should be aware of, which was posted on Reuters:

(1) Fake police

(2) Deceitful taxi drivers

(3) Fake jewelry

Read more about these great tips Here.


Do you know someone that’s been scammed, or maybe even its you that’s been a victim? We want to hear about it to protect others from also getting scammed. Tell us about your scam HERE

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