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Air Ducts & Septic Tanks Cleaning Fraud

Whether you think you need your air ducts cleaned, septic tanks cleaned out, or a lightning rod installed on the roof of your home, unscrupulous contractors will convince you that you desperately need these services today!  Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog has investigated many of these. These fraudsters play upon fear tactics and typically move fast. They offer super low prices and then convince the consumer that they must get it done now, as in today! They prey upon people who do not do any due diligence, or take their time to talk to other contractors. These scammers sweeten the pot with low ball offers if you take their services the same day.

There is a catch,  says the Fraud Dog, because once they start the job, they will almost always find more things wrong, and if they can’t find anything wrong then they start damaging things unbenounced to you. So you end up paying more, and more. So the initial deal really wasn’t a deal after all.

Not all contractors are like these scammers and good contractors with follow State guidelines and give the consumer plenty of time to do their due diligence. Remember that time is always on the consumer’s side, so take the time you need to check out the real services that you need for your home. Always get a second opinion, check with the better business bureau, while doing some due diligence like on the internet says Linda Webb.


Learn more on the Miami Herald article, search: “Avoid scams, expect to pay $300-$500 for duct”


Report your fraud here!

Report your fraud here!

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