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A 24 year old man was arrested for forging UCF letterhead to obtain prescription drugs. Ryan Muscanell is not a UCF student and has a previous criminal record including battery on a law enforcement officer and trespassing. Muscanell’s bond was set at $2,000.

“Fraud education in schools is needed to deter our youth from a life of crime!” says Buster, the Fraud Fighting Dog. 

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, says that committing fraud is so easy that with little effort, time, and minimal financial outlay, anyone can participate. Fraudsters are starting at young ages now and we must do something to stop this fraud.

With a simple computer and a printer, a fraudster can sit at home and duplicate checks, create fake prescriptions, submit fraudulent medical billing, and many other creative forms of misrepresentation. Their  hopes of some financial gain through submitting these fraudulent documents will often times get through. It is ultimately greed that leads to their demise. Once the fraudster receives some financial gain they will inevitably try for more.

We must be diligent in our fight against fraud on the front end so that the fraudster is caught at the beginning of their scheme. Better yet, we can stop someone from even thinking about committing fraud in the first place, says Linda’s sidekick Buster, the Boxer. Buster says that through fraud awareness in school, we can prevent younger generations from heading in the direction of fraud.

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