Social Media Fraud Alert – “Like-Farming Scams” – Beware of Bogus Prize Offerings

Scammers and Spammers unite …to lure innocent people who utilize social media outlets into “liking” their social media page to win bogus prizes called “Like-Farming Scams”.  It seems no matter where we turn there are always new ways to scam people. “Utilizing social media outlets ...Read the rest

Protect our Military Families against Memorial Day Fraud

Memorial Day Scams target military families During a time when we honor those who served in the armed forces, the fraudster uses their time to dishonor and commit fraud! On special holidays like Memorial Day, people tend to open their hearts (and wallets) as well ...Read the rest

Fraud Dog Call to Action – Let’s Stop Pet Scams

Let’s bring awareness to fraud scams that target pet owners. In this particular case this fraudster preyed upon pet lovers requesting them to invest money for a pet identification business. This ruthless scammer preyed upon America’s emotional connection to their pets. Being a pet owner ...Read the rest

Call to action – “Let’s Stop Fraud Together”, says Fraud Expert Linda Webb

We can Stop Fraud Together… The Media recently asked Fraud Expert, Linda Webb “Is it truly possible to stop fraud?” Linda replied, “Yes, but we need everyone to help us by reporting when they’ve been hit by fraud. There are just too many fraudsters for ...Read the rest

Beware of the latest Contractor Fraud Scams

Air Ducts & Septic Tanks Cleaning Fraud Whether you think you need your air ducts cleaned, septic tanks cleaned out, or a lightning rod installed on the roof of your home, unscrupulous contractors will convince you that you desperately need these services today!  Fraud expert Linda Webb, ...Read the rest

Insurance Crop Fraud, Targets Farming Industry

Fraudsters are planting bad seeds! Farming is a tough business. The work starts before the sun comes up and ends after it goes down. Farmers hope the weather will give them plenty of warm sunshine and rain to nourish their crops. What they don’t hope ...Read the rest