A South Carolina Man pleaded guilty to participating in a sceme to obtain $671,000 by cutting off a mentally disabled man’s hand with a chainsaw. The incident took place years ago when the defendant tied the man’s arm to a tree with rags and slicing ...Read the rest

Fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog says that fraudsters are everywhere and in every profession. Some fraudsters have been committing fraud their whole lives. The only profession they know scamming anyone they can find. Specialty insurance, like “Hole-in-one” golf fraud,  is not exempt from ...Read the rest

Importance of SIU in YOUR Corporation

According to an article written in Claims magazine, 90 percent of insurers surveyed are using at least basic SIU services. This leaves 10 percent of insureds vulnerable to losses from fraud causing a higher premium. This study at least proves that most of today’s insurance carriers are ...Read the rest

Please take the time to watch this video from X-Factor. This contestant was a victim of bullying and was able to channel those emotions into her performance. This is one of the reasons that we have started this anti-bullying campaign. This is just one of millions ...Read the rest

In a report out last week, New York Downtown Hospital, was ordered to pay $13.4 million in illegal charges to Medicare and Medicaid. Outlined in the settlement, the New York hospital much return $12.6 million to Medicaid and $800,000 to the federal Medicare program. The ...Read the rest

Never Forgotten – Honoring 9/11

Fraud Expert Linda Webb, and the her Contego team, honor’s 9/11.  While on set filming Fraud Dog, Linda and Mike Marks visit the world trade center site to pay tribute in New York. Shall we never forget that day and may we continue to stomp ...Read the rest

Coupon Fraud – Targets Families During Down Economy

Three women were arrested by the Phoenix police department for what is believed to be the largest counterfeit coupon scam in history.  Investigators found over $25 million in forged coupons during the investigation. The ring leader of the fraudulent operation had been mailing valid coupons to an ...Read the rest

Buster, the fraud fighting dog, is always ready to help others in need, especially when it comes to her furry friends! Fairy Dogparents is a nonprofit organization that assists in preventing dogs from being surrendered to shelters due financial circumstances. Buster would never want to be separated from her ...Read the rest

A Chicago physician was sentenced to 30 months in prison for committing health care fraud over the course of 3 years. The man was submitting false diagnosis codes to justify unnecessary tests he had ordered for patients. He was found guilty of five counts of health ...Read the rest