Leading fraud expert, Linda Webb AKA The Fraud Dog, is proud to be a part of a fraud fighting model used in the insurance industry called the SWARM™. In a recent article in the Claims Journal, Guarantee Insurance Company’s (GIC) President spoke about the SWARM™ ...Read the rest

Dr. Ihsaan al-Amin was accused of running a “pill mill” and is facing a 105-count federal indictment that includes health care fraud, income tax evasion, money laundering and using a firearm in the operation of a criminal enterprise. The doctor is facing 25 years in ...Read the rest

Eleven Palm Beach County residents were charged on Monday for their role in a staged accident fraud scheme. The defendants recruited individuals to take part in staged auto accidents in order to claim Personal Injury Protection claims for massage and chiropractic treatments. Those that were recruited ...Read the rest

California resident, Valery Dobrushin, was charged with insurance fraud and faces up to 11 years in prison. Dobrushin owned and operated “Val’s Optical” where he was illegally providing eye exams and prescribing glasses to over 300 customers. Prosecutors said that Dobrushin was billing insurance companies for ...Read the rest

South Florida residents, Joseph Harvey and Anja Karin Kannell, were recently found guilty of one of the “largest financial loss cases to date arising from claims filed for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.” The couple had been filing false claims in order to benefit ...Read the rest

Most people are very careful of their social security information due to the widespread knowledge of social security identity theft. What most people don’t know is that medical identity theft is on the rise. Therefore we are less careful when it comes to protecting our ...Read the rest

A former funeral home owner, John Amis, pleaded guilty in December to four felony counts. Amis falsified the deaths of people that were still alive in order to collect their prepaid funeral policies. The judge sentenced Amis to a 12 year sentence composed of a ...Read the rest

A 24-year old student, Josue Vides, at El Camino College Compton Center received an email from a fashion model that had seen his profile on an online dating site. Vides and the model, Klara Wester, began speaking regularly on the phone and soon became serious. ...Read the rest

Two men working for Precision Builders, a contracting company in Pennsylvania, are accused of damaging more than 100 homes in an attempt to mimic the damage of heavy hail to collect insurance money. Marcin Porzkowski and Dominik Sadowski told their employees to inflict damage to ...Read the rest

In a recent story out of Seattle, a U.S. District Court, sentenced three family members to prison for a disability fraud scheme that lasted more than 30 years. The Social Security Administration and the State Department of Social and Health Services were defraud by the George ...Read the rest