On Monday, a local South Florida businessman, Michael V. Lombardi, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud by obtaining fraudulent temporary work visas for workers from the Philippines for jobs in the United States. Lombardi was arrested back in September on charges that allege ...Read the rest

In a report out last week, The Los Angeles Times reported on the top scams consumers should be watching out for. Among the top 3 scams on the horizon is commodities fraud, a growing scam that has drained millions from investors. The latest story centers ...Read the rest

On May 16, 2012, Linda Webb AKA The Fraud Dog, had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott. Being a leading fraud expert, Webb thanked Governor Scott for the State of Florida’s compliance investigators who work relentlessly in ferreting out businesses ...Read the rest

With over 900 million active Facebook users, spanning more than 70 languages, it would be an understatement to say that Facebook is popular. With such a heavy user base, the announcement that Facebook will be going public, has taken the world by storm and made ...Read the rest

The Fraud Dog talking to the children as they board their bus back to school.Leading fraud expert, Linda Webb AKA The Fraud Dog, donated her time and knowledge today to local second grade students to talk about fraud awareness. During Webb’s education session, she taught ...Read the rest

Thomas Parkin, 51, was found guilty of 11 criminal counts last Thursday to include charges on fraud, grand larceny, perjury and forgery. For the last six years, Parkin along with a partner, had been cashing Parkin’s mother’s social security checks every single month. Over the ...Read the rest

Fraud Expert, Linda Webb, AKA The Fraud Dog, says the fraudster loves to recruit willing participants into their scams. Beware of the fraudster’s tempting treats to lure you in. Tips for Avoiding Health Care Fraud or Health Insurance Fraud: 1. Never sign blank insurance claim ...Read the rest

Last Friday, Governor Rick Scott signed a law that is aimed to cut down on the car insurance fraud epidemic that has taken a hold of Florida. Scott has previously outlined that changes to PIP, personal injury protection, was one of his top three priorities during the ...Read the rest

In what is being called the largest Medicare fraud bust in U.S. history, charges have been brought against 107 individuals, including doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations swept seven cities across the country and involved approximately $452 million in ...Read the rest