Protecting your investment dollars has become increasingly more difficult,  says the fraud expert Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog. During the civil war people buried their money in their back yard and during the depression of the 1930’s people stuffed their mattresses because they didn’t trust the banks. Now there is a new sense of distrust involving dishonest financial advisors  How can one protect themselves from the dishonest financial advisor?




Here are 12 investment tips to remember going into 2013:

    1. Do your due your due diligence.
    2. Check for any disciplinary actions against the advisor.
    3. Check social media sources and internet searches to see what people are saying.
    4. Always ask for references.
    5. Check to see what other advisors they work with.
    6. Deal with credible financial companies.
    7. Be sure to ask for portfolios and other credible resources.
    8. Have other advisors look the source material the is provided to you.
    9. Watch for churning – turning your investment over and over when you did not ask to do so.
    10. Watch out for the bait and switch, meaning you thought you were investing in one company and you learn later it was a different investment all together.
    11. Take your time, remember fraudsters want you to make quick decisions.
    12. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.



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